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Rosalie Hawke is a younger sister of Alissa Hawke, the Champion of Kirkwall. She did not attract the same amount of attention her sibling did, and relatively little is publicly known about her. She regularly visited the Chantry in her first four years in Kirkwall, but was more often seen in the Darktown clinic run by Anders.

date of birth

11 Guardian, 9:09 Dragon


cis woman (she/her)


biromantic asexual






Anders (Acts 2-3); Fenris (post-DA2)

Rosalie was the second child born to Leandra and Malcolm Hawke, in 9:09 Dragon. The family had just settled down in West Hill a couple months prior, trying to make sure Malcolm’s apostate status remained unnoticed. Life was largely uneventful, even with the birth of the twins two years later. Rosalie enjoyed her life on their small farm; free of most responsibility at her young age, she enjoyed teasing her more serious elder sibling and playing with the twins.

This idyllic life changed in 9:20 Dragon. Bethany’s magic manifested in a way that could not be ignored: the spontaneous, unnatural growth of crops planted mere days before. The Hawke family was forced to move from the only place Rosalie had known as ‘home’ before now. This move was significant in more ways than one; while they were traveling, Rosalie came into her own magic when her father was fighting off a bear they’d stumbled upon, and she suddenly summoned protective glyphs, potentially saving her father’s life.

Eventually, the family came across Lothering, and cautiously settled down again, and Bethany and Rosalie started learning how to control their magic from their father. Life returned to a somewhat new normal after that. Rosalie went back to how she was before, teasing and playing, though always aware now of just how perilous their safety was, especially now that there were three apostates in the family. Two new mages added stress to the family that caused tempers to flare up more often between the siblings, especially Alissa and Carver, that Rosalie tried to smooth over, often ending up playing mediator.

It was in 9:27 Dragon that life threw another life-changing event at them: Malcolm Hawke grew ill. They didn’t know what illness had taken hold of him. They considered reaching out for a healer from the Circle, but Malcolm refused, not willing to put his family at risk, even for his own life. Rosalie attempted to heal him herself, but without knowing what the problem was, her efforts were in vain. Her father insisted she not blame herself when he passed, and she tried, though struggled with it for the rest of her life.

After her father’s death, the family attempted to keep on as before, though it was difficult. Alissa and Carver got into arguments increasingly often. Rosalie took to venturing out to hunt to help support the family, taking up archery to hide her magic. Her and Bethany continued trying to study magic, though it was difficult without a teacher.

When rumors of the Blight reached them, Rosalie wasn’t surprised that Carver wanted to fight. She was surprised that Alissa not only agreed, but was planning to go as well. Rosalie, Bethany, and their mother could only wait to see what the outcome of Ostagar was.



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Overall, Rosalie is diplomatic and charming, able to smooth over almost any situation with a few well chosen words (truthful or not). Growing up in a family with three apostates, Rosalie honed this skill in order to deflect suspicion about their magical ability, or make friends that would hopefully look the other way. She can also turn on the flirtatious charm, but prefers to keep that as a last resort; she’d rather casually flirt with friends, stress-free.

Rosalie focused most of her magical training on healing and protective glyphs; she is no spirit healer though, as she is hesitant to make the necessary contact with spirits to train in that field. Once she considered asking Anders for advice, but certain events have made that unlikely to happen. She’s studied non-magical healing practices in order to supplement her magical skills, to save her mana for major injuries or complicated tasks.

Despite her pleasant and charming manner, Rosalie has a temper simmering just underneath the surface. She tries very hard to hide it to avoid any potentially harmful attention, and to not add more strain to her family’s already stressful lives, but it does boil over from time to time. Most often when she’s worried about being found out as an apostate. Having to hide herself, having to watch her sister and father hide themselves, she has no patience for the idea that mages must be imprisoned in the Circle all their lives.

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